Reward Motivation, Performance & Happiness Booster

[Reward in difference to other motivation apps does not force you to log every aspect of your life. A one time set up of your rewards and you are ready to go. Completed a task? 3 taps and 1 post and you are done. No typing in new tasks no scrolling through categorys.]

Reward yourself. Motivate you to reach your goals and increase your daily performance. Set small rewards and work to earn them. Become the best version of yourself.


Reward is a motivation app, with a very simple principle. You define rewards. For example, you want to buy a new TV or make a cheat day. Enter them and add a price to them. From now on, you’ll earn points for everything positive you achieve. Just rate your fulfilled tasks by difficulty and time and add bonus points for special occasions. It does not disturb the everyday life like other apps and it also motivates you. So for all your achievements happiness hormones are poured out in the brain. You are getting more and more productive and your brain connects the activities with happiness.

If you have been saving diligently, you can then redeem the points for your rewards and allow yourself these things. So you do not have to feel a guilty conscience again if you relax for a day. You deserved it.


What to do with this app?

★ Add or remove rewards you want to give to yourself for your work
★ Rate the work you do on a daily basis
★ No need to write down tasks you do
★ Get rewarded with points
★ Trade the points for rewards you chose
★ Grant yourself the rewards you chose
★ Connect your daily tasks with someting positive in your brain
★ Customize the rating criteria
★ Add and remove rating bars freely
★ See statistics of your daily or weekly performance
★ Compare your daily or weekly performance

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